Virtual Tassili Airlines


Rules of VDTH

To be member of Virtual Tassili Airlines (VDTH) you must accept the present rules and regulations. We have the rights to update/change this rules without prior notice.
1. Minimum criteria

1.1 To join Tassili Airlines VA you must have 25 hours of flights in IVAO.

1.2 You have to register in Tassili Airlines VA with your real name, accounts with nicknames or with false names different from names used in IVAO account registration will be removed.

1.3 The aim of Virtual Tassili Airlines is to provide a friendly and professional flying experience as real as it gets from the real world.

1.4 Minimum knowledge of flying using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Microsoft Flight Simlator X, ou X-Plane is mandatory.

1.5 Minimum knowledge on how to fly in IVAO network (connecting, filling a flight plan ...etc...) is highly needed.

1.6 Minimum knowledge of phraseology and how to communicate with ATC is also required.

1.7 If you are new in IVAO , and you are motivated to join our VA, our trainers will help you to learn the basic knowledge required to fly in IVAO network before joining us.

1.8 The headline of the VDTH is "no to stalling yes to perseverance" , we require from our virtual pilots a commitment to improve their skills in IVAO.

1.9 One VDTH flight should be done in the next 15 days fellowing registration process to have your account fully validated

2. Behavior on the network

2.1 To keep your account active , you have to make a minimum one flight every 90 days.

2.2 if you got suspended in IVAO, Virtual Tassili Airlines will evaluate your recording by taking the appropriate measures.

2.3 you must fellow this rules and also IVAO rules and regulations (available here) along your activities in IVAO network, members don’t following this rules will be excluded from our VA.

3. Others Information

3.1 Virtual Tassili Airlines is a free community, if you register in Virtual Tassili Airlines (VDTH), you attest that Virtual Tassili Airlines is a VA that is not affiliated with the real airlines in any manner.

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